People-oriented. Sustainable. Resource-oriented.

Most consultancies come up with ideas and suggestions from the business and commercial perspective – in other words: from the very, very top. And that’s totally fine. My goal is not to question this, but to bring another important point of view on the table: the people and their cultural aspects.

After 25+ years in the IT industry and after 15+ years in leading positions, I am a firm believer in the philosophy that significant changes in organisations can only be successful with the people. With all of them.

It ain’t a secret that employees bring the best results in what they can do best. Still, even in modern times, it is often surprising to managers, that their workers will most likely bring even better results once they see and share the underlying purpose of pretty much everything – even when it comes to changes.

My skill is to observe and ask a lot until it probably hurts and until I understand the core problem and am able to make the best suggestions for your future business.

Just contact me and let’s discuss your topic and see whether we’ll go on a journey together to address your challenges.

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