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... of employees experience burnout at least sometimes according to Gallup.

The methods for consulting and coaching behind my work are basically a limitless circuit of talking, observing, reading, thinking, suggesting, approximating, adjusting, changing, improving, exemplifying.

I achieved my knowledge and values over more than 25 years in the IT industry and in leading positions. My set of tools is mostly based on agile principles, a high-value and high-trust mindset and has been deeply influenced by the Management 3.0 movement as well as New Work models.

Parts of the method are Squad and Team Health Checks, Moving Motivator games, Pairwise Ranking scenarios and, last but not least, my brilliance in observing and making the right suggestions.

With a strong focus on people-centric strategies, I collaborate closely with organizations to enhance their management and leadership practices. I believe that engaged and motivated employees drive innovation, productivity, and growth.

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