For Managers of all levels and Team Leaders

Leading with the aim of long-term employee retention

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of employees have already quitted quietly

Gallup’s 2022 Engagement Index for Germany shows that a worrying number of employees are no longer engaged with their employer.


per employee and year

The German economy loses an estimated 120 to 150 billion euros a year because employees are not committed.

Bad leadership costs your company more than 4.000€…

… per employee…

… and year!

Losing and hiring is 15% more expensive than giving a raise.

The Sustainable Leader Program provides managers with the essential skills to promote sustainable employee engagement in their day-to-day leadership work.

Participants will learn:

About the Program

Icebreaker Questions

Practices & Tasks (Examples)

Training Sessions and individual Coaching

Duration: 4 months

Sustainable Leader is a customized program for managers at all levels and team leaders who want to recognize and strengthen the value and importance of employee retention in their daily leadership work.

By asking targeted questions such as “How do you define sustainable employee retention on your team?” or “What challenges do you face in retaining your employees?”, a deep understanding of each participant’s individual needs and goals is created.

The program combines training sessions on strengthening employee retention with the development of an individual retention plan. Over a four-month period, participants are guided through training and coaching to ensure that the skills learned are put into practice.

Under the motto “Leading with the aim of long-term employee retention”, the Sustainable Leader Program offers a comprehensive and practical approach to sustainable leadership.


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