Management Consulting as an Opportunity

Every company depends on good management, because it makes strategic decisions, sets the direction and ultimately leads to success. But not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are good managers. Accordingly, most of them will have to admit that they need advice in the form of management consulting from time to time.

Setting the direction, making strategic decisions for the company and leading it to success are among the central tasks of a manager. But every manager is also dependent on employees respecting him or her and trusting his or her judgment – because success is borne by all the pillars within a company’s hierarchy. For this reason, it is especially important that the communication between management and employees is a good one.

What employees say about their respective managers

1 %

reported their managers would not recognise their achievements.

1 %

said their managers do not give clear directions.

1 %

complained that their managers won’t meet with them because not having the  time.

1 %

said their managers would not even know their employee’s names.

Even Managers Need Advise!

If managers often focus on strategic development and on setting the direction, communication often gets out of focus. This becomes problematic as soon as managers lose touch with their employees. A downward spiral begins. Now it’s important to recognize this and intervene as quickly as possible: With employee involvement, clear instructions, recognition and productive feedback. After all, productivity is always related to communication and the feeling of togetherness. A good piece of advice: give your employees more than a simple “Well done!”. Get specific, communicate very clearly, “I appreciate how you involve colleagues from other departments. You are a connector.” Let your employees know that you notice them, take notice of them, and value their contributions. You’ll be amazed at what a simple but sincere “thank you” can do in person or in front of the team.

The interplay of input and output

Managers and leaders are used to giving output. After all, they set the direction and thus steer the ship. After all, the team needs instructions. But they often leave out the fact that the crew at their respective posts perceives completely different things than they can see as captains from the wheelhouse. So be open to the input of your employees and communicate this. Approach your colleagues and ask them questions, “What is your assessment?”, “What do you think we can improve?”, “What do you like about this project?” – as soon as it has arrived in the company that you are open to this input, respect and trust have been established, people will approach you of their own accord. 

Every manager, every company and every executive faces individual challenges that cannot be overcome single-handedly. Most of the time, operational blindness prevails or the necessary distance is missing. The solution is to bring in external help that sees the whole thing from a different perspective. This is possible in the context of management consulting, in which rudimentary skills are not explained, but the senses for communication are sharpened and positive results are ensured. An initial discussion will already help to gain an overview of where your company stands and where it can stand in the future. Feel free to contact me to benefit from my years of experience and mindset.

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